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This site is for readers who cannot or do not wish to install Silverlight.

Billy Hollis and his Doc Brown hairdo

You probably ended up here from a search, looking for information about Billy Hollis. But time moves on, and the site you want these days is over at

 However, you must have Silverlight 5 installed for that site to work. In case you don't want to do that, I've retained links to some of the most important legacy pages over to the left. Or if you want to see the History of the Basic Family of Languages, the History of the C family of languages, or the History of the Microprocessor for a bit of amusement, I've kept them active. (Ironically, they're the most popular things I've ever written.)

I'm still available for consulting and training. These days, I'm doing a lot of WPF and Silverlight training and consulting with my team at Next Version Systems, which is why I have a web site in Silverlight now. It's really quite a lot nicer than the old site here, since I was never much of an HTML guy.

If you need information on my training or consulting, I'd really suggest you look at the Silverlight site, which has lots of details. But if you really prefer not to install Silverlight, you can contact me for more information, or for any other reason except to spam me or try and sell me something. Please send email to:
 Web site inquiries email